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What is Sudocrem?

What is Sudocrem?

Sudocrem has been helping to soothe sore skin for 80 years.

Always read the label.

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Information for Parents

Information for Parents

SUDOCREM’s unique triple action formula soothes, heals & protects

For the protection, relief & treatment of diaper rash, dry skin and minor skin irritations

Steroid Free
Clinically Proven

Baby's sensitive skin needs special care.

Caring for your baby at changing time

Babies can get diaper rash at any time, especially through change of diet, teething and vaccinations. Because babies have such soft, sensitive skin, it is vital to minimize the chances of their developing rashes in the first instance.

Following these simple steps will assist in keeping your baby's skin soft and free from diaper rash:

Regular diaper checks
Your baby's soft, sensitive skin can easily develop a rash, especially if left in a wet or soiled diaper. Frequent checking to see that the diaper is still dry, combined with regular changing during the day and at bedtime, will help to reduce the chance of your baby developing diaper rash.

Keep diaper area clean
Keeping your baby's diaper area clean is very important. Clean the diaper area at every change, drying the skin with a gentle patting motion.

Whenever possible, leave your baby's sensitive skin exposed to the air – for instance after bath-time.

Apply Sudocrem®
Always apply Sudocrem® before putting on a fresh diaper, as this will help to protect the skin and treat any diaper rash. Ingredients in Sudocrem® soothe the pain and irritation of diaper rash and help to heal inflamed skin.

Sudocrem® does not only treat the problem, it is formulated in a water-repellent base which provides a barrier to urine, helping to prevent diaper rash.

If the symptoms persist consult your doctor.

Sudocrem® is one of the most effective products for diaper rash you can buy. Its three way action soothes inflamed skin, aids healing and used on a regular basis helps protect your baby from recurring problems. Available in pharmacies across Canada. Ask your pharmacist.

Sudocrem® contains zinc oxide 15.25% as the medicinal ingredient, with sodium benzoate 0.48% and butylated hydroxy anisole 0.008% as preservatives, in a soothing emollient cream base.

Uses: For the protection, relief and treatment of diaper rash.

Directions: Apply to the affected area as required. Cover if needed.

Warnings: For external use only. Contact with eyes should be avoided. If rash worsens, consult your doctor.

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