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What is Sudocrem?

What is Sudocrem?

Sudocrem has been helping to soothe sore skin for 80 years.

Always read the label.

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Information for Doctors

Information for Doctors

Sudocrem® contains zinc oxide 15.25% as the medicinal ingredient, with sodium benzoate 0.48% and butylated hydroxy anisole 0.008% as preservatives, in a soothing emollient cream base.

Uses: For the protection, relief and treatment of diaper rash.

Directions: Apply to the affected area as required. Cover if needed.

Warnings: For external use only. Contact with eyes should be avoided. If rash worsens, consult your doctor.

Forms a barrier that protects the skin against irritants such as urine.*
*SOURCE: Clark EW et al Contact Dermatitis 1981: 80-83.

An astringent that reduces loss of tissue fluid which helps promote healing.

Local anaesthetic which eases pain and irritation. It also has antibacterial and fungistatic properties.*
*SOURCE: Martindale - The Extra Pharmacopoeia - 32nd edition.

Promote growth of epithelial cells, helping the healing process.*
*SOURCE: Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences 17th edition 1985: 782.


Sudocrem® Healing Cream has been shown to be effective in the treatment of diaper rash, and regular use can prevent recurring problems.

In one study involving 24 infants with rashes, Healing Cream was shown to be superior to a standard barrier cream.*

The authors commented:
"A real difference between the effectiveness of Sudocrem® Healing Cream and the standard treatment appears to have been shown…"

*SOURCE: The Treatment of Paediatric Rash; Clinical Trials Journal, 1982, 19, 1, 17-19


The properties of Sudocrem® Healing Cream make it ideally suited for the successful management of incontinence dermatitis.

In a double blind study involving geriatric patients requiring incontinence pads, Sudocrem® Healing Cream was compared with Zinc Cream BP. Tintometric (a colour sensing device which equates degree of redness with degree of inflammation) analysis clearly demonstrated the benefit of treatment with Sudocrem® Healing Cream.

The authors concluded:
"The study has shown Sudocrem® Healing Cream to be superior to Zinc Cream in the treatment of incontinence associated dermatitis."

SOURCE: A Clinical Study of Sudocrem in the Management of Dermatitis due to the physical stress of incontinence in ageriatric population; Journal of Advanced Nursing, 1987, 12, 599-603

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