The History

The History

1931  Thomas Smith, a Professor of Pharmacy and Retail Pharmacist in Dublin, develops a special cream in the back of his shop. It’s an Diaper Rash cream for treating Diaper Rash, eczema, pressure sores, incontinence rash and a variety of minor skin lesions. Smith's cream proves to be a success.

1950's  Smith’s Cream becomes known as Sudocrem.

1960's  A new promotional strategy of sampling new mothers with the product turns Sudocrem into a steady seller in Ireland.

1970's  Improvements are made to the marketing and distribution resulting in a doubling of sales over the next 4 years. Sudocrem is introduced into Northern Ireland, then north-west England.

1980  Sudocrem was launched nationally in Great Britain. Over the next 20 years Sudocrem quickly established itself as the market leading Diaper Rash cream in the UK and Ireland.

2010  Sudocrem remains a highly recognised and trusted brand with new parents who want to prevent or treat Diaper Rash and is also widely used for other skin conditions as well as care of elderly skin.

The ingredients of Sudocrem have changed very little over the intervening 80 years, showing how successful Thomas Smith’s development work was all those years ago.

Always read the label.

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