Treating Elderly Skin

Treating Elderly Skin

Sudocrem’s gentle care is also very useful in the treatment of skin conditions suffered by the elderly. As we get older, our skin gets thinner, is more easily damaged and slower to heal.

Some elderly people who can’t move around much or who spend a lot of time in a bed or chair may need extra help with their skin. Skin complaints like incontinence dermatitis and pressure sores can be distressing, both for the sufferer and family or friends who are helping to look after them.

Sudocrem can be used to treat incontinence dermatitis. One clinical study* showed that Sudocrem was more successful than a simple Zinc cream in treatment of incontinence dermatitis, reducing redness over 7 days by 92.3%.

*Anthony D et al. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 1987

Always read the label.

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